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Root canal therapy is no cause for fear in San Mateo, CA

Root canal treatmentYou may have heard jokes about the distress of root canal therapy. Be assured, they are far from the truth in Dr. Glenn Belen’s experienced care. This treatment has gotten countless patients in the San Mateo, CA area out of pain quickly and helped them keep natural teeth as an alternative to extraction.

When root canal therapy is needed

The part of a tooth you see is covered with a protective layer of enamel. Underneath is hard dentin. At the center is a hollow filled with blood vessels and nerves that extend into roots. This soft pulp can become inflamed and infected from:

  • A microscopic crack that allows harmful oral bacteria to penetrate the pulp chamber.
  • Trauma resulting in breakage.
  • Untreated tooth decay.
  • A cavity hidden beneath a crown or filling.
  • Cumulative trauma from repeated drilling on a tooth.

You may experience an annoying toothache that comes and goes, or the tooth darkens at the center. Other cases cause sudden, acute pain from an abscess, sometimes accompanied by facial swelling.

San Mateo, CA dentist provides gentle root canal therapy

Inflammation and pressure irritate the nerve inside a tooth, causing pain. Dr. Belen is known for a gentle touch and efficient procedure that brings quick relief. He begins by numbing the area thoroughly. The tooth is opened, alleviating pressure, and damaged structure is removed. Pulp is extracted, and canals are laser sanitized. The opening is sealed, and the tooth is protected with a temporary restoration, to restore your smile and let you eat normally.

The doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics to foster healing. Any residual discomfort generally passes quickly and can be managed with over the counter analgesics. Patients are typically surprised that root canal treatment is about like getting a filling.

You return in a few weeks to have the interim restoration removed and a lustrous porcelain crown cemented in place. While no endodontic procedure can be guaranteed for life, with good oral hygiene, the success rate for root canals is very high.

For gentle root canal therapy in San Mateo, CA, call Dr. Belen at (650) 344-7500.

Me and my friend are travelers from austria and one of us actually needed a root canal, but we were a little bit overwhelmbed by the insurance system in america. So the doctor and his assistent Christy really figured something out for us and really cared about us. We felt really comfortable and after some calls and considering, we made the right decision and got a really good treatment.
| Viktoria P.
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