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PreXion 3D x-ray technology brings precision to dental treatment in San Mateo, CA

High quality PreXion 3D x-ray scanner imageImagine trying to prepare dinner with a black blindfold over your eyes. Even if you know your kitchen well, the process wouldn’t be accurate or efficient. Now think about cooking the same meal looking through a sheer lace veil. Better . . . but you would still miss important details. Completing the task with eyes wide open and perfect 20/20 vision makes all the difference. That is exactly the benefit PreXion 3D x-ray brings to Dr. Glenn Belen’s patients in San Mateo, CA.

With PreXion 3D x-ray patients in San Mateo, CA get precise dental treatment

This next generation 3D cone beam imaging system has many uses in general dentistry, including panoramic oral x-rays showing hard and soft tissues. PreXion software incorporates into other programs for seamless treatment. It removes all elements of guesswork from dental implant placement, giving the dentist a clear view of existing teeth, bone quality, sinuses, and nerves. With multiple fields of view and scanning modes, PreXion is customized to the needs of the individual patient, from fillings to TMJ treatment, oral surgery, orthodontics, root canal therapy, and treatment of gum disease.

Benefits of PreXion at San Mateo Dental Care

  • Painless – A full scan takes only a few seconds with no uncomfortable positioning.
  • Low radiation – This device exposes the patient to dramatically lower levels of radiation than traditional x-rays and is about 30 percent lower than other digital radiography systems.
  • Accuracy – PreXion has the smallest focal spot of any dental imaging equipment presently available. This means images are astonishingly clear, bringing the finest details to life for meticulous diagnosis, planning, and treatment.
  • Communication – PreXion is a terrific tool for patient education. Bright clear images on a computer monitor help you understand diagnosis and treatment options, to make informed decisions.
  • Integrated care – Digital images can easily be transferred to your insurance company and other healthcare providers, keeping everyone on the same page.
  • Training – Our team has taken specialized instruction to utilize PreXion properly and effectively.

PreXion 3D x-ray equipment and training is an example of Dr. Belen’s commitment to providing the highest quality care to patients in the San Mateo, CA area. Call (650) 344-7500

Me and my friend are travelers from austria and one of us actually needed a root canal, but we were a little bit overwhelmbed by the insurance system in america. So the doctor and his assistent Christy really figured something out for us and really cared about us. We felt really comfortable and after some calls and considering, we made the right decision and got a really good treatment.
| Viktoria P.
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