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Picasso Lite laser: Shedding light on soft tissue procedures in San Mateo, CA

picasso lite laser treatmentDr. Glenn Belen believes his patients in the San Mateo, CA area deserve the most comfortable, exact dental treatment available. The Picasso Lite laser helps him deliver on that promise, with advanced technology for painless soft tissue treatments.

What is Picasso Lite?

Picasso Lite is a small, portable diode laser which produces an intense beam of light in a specific wavelength. Precisely directed at a target, it creates a controlled response in gums and other oral soft tissues due to their color and moisture content.

This laser gives Dr. Belen great accuracy in procedures such as:

  • Gum recontouring, a cosmetic treatment to reduce and shape gums for attractive smile proportions.
  • Gingival troughing, a technique that eliminates the need for a retraction cord when taking impressions for crowns and other restorations.
  • Frenotomy – quick, painless release of tongue or lip tie.
  • Excision of soft tissue lesions.
  • Exposing un-erupted teeth, such as wisdom teeth that do not break through the gums.
  • Uncovering dental implants to complete restoration.
  • For superior sanitization during root canal therapy.
  • Relief from mouth ulcers and cold and canker sores.

Periodontal treatment

The greatest advantage of the Picasso Lite laser is in treating gum disease.

Gum disease occurs when harmful oral pathogens irritate the gums. They lose their seal to teeth, allowing bacteria to move deeper, compromising connective tissue and bone that stabilizes teeth. Effective treatment for gum disease requires removal of necrotic soft tissues and cleaning of root surfaces to re-establish a tight seal. In conventional practice, this involves a series of invasive, uncomfortable procedures, each with an extended recovery period.

With the Picasso Lite laser, diseased, infected, and inflamed gum tissue is removed with little or no bleeding and no sutures, since the laser automatically cauterizes. Laser energy sanitizes periodontal pockets and root surfaces for speedy healing. There is minimal discomfort during or after treatment, and little post-procedure swelling.

Picasso Lite laser delivers painless soft tissue treatment in San Mateo, CA with improved outcomes. It is the level of care you deserve. New patients of all ages are welcome at San Mateo Dental Care in San Mateo, CA. Call (650) 344-7500 for an appointment with Dr. Belen.

I am glad to have found a new dentist that I like so much! Dr. Belen does a great job with making you feel comfortable, explains what procedure(s) he is about to do and why, and has all of the latest dental gadgets! I would definitely recommend him to anybody who is looking for a dentist, especially since he seems to really care for his patients and goes the extra mile to make his patients feel as comfortable as possible. I must say, this is my favorite dentist out of the five I have been to in my lifetime.

If I ever move, I’m going to be flying in to see them!

PS: Go early so you can try out the massage chairs! I wish they made me wait longer sometimes.

| Elissa K.
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