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San Mateo, CA dentist explains mouth-body connections

beautiful young girlFor many years, our society has treated the mouth as a separate entity from the body. Fortunately, both medicine and dentistry have become more enlightened, recognizing that all parts of the body are indivisible. Dr. Glenn Belen helps patients in the San Mateo, CA area understand and respect mouth-body connections to enjoy improved oral health and whole-body wellness.

Gateway to the body

The mouth truly is the gateway to the entire body, which makes you and your dentist gatekeepers to wellness. Everything that goes into the mouth has an impact on all other parts of the body. Consider just a few paradigms:

  • A baby’s pacifier affects oral development that later has a bearing on ability to communicate clearly and chew food.
  • What we eat and drink, such as sugary foods and acidic beverages, influences a tendency toward tooth decay and gum disease, while fresh water and whole foods contribute to a vital mouth and strong body.
  • Tobacco stains teeth and increases risk of gum disease and oral cancers, as well as other cancers throughout the body.
  • Dental materials, instruments, and treatments are intended to repair teeth, which also allows you to eat well and feel good about your appearance.

It is all connected.

Respecting mouth body connections fosters wellness in San Mateo, CA

A growing body of scientific evidence supports the relationship of oral health to quality of life and life span. Gum disease and diabetes is an obvious example. The body’s inflammatory response in fighting the infection of gum disease creates glucose fluctuations that make it difficult to control blood sugar levels. In turn, diabetes causes changes in the mouth that promote gum disease.

Oral bacteria, the source of gum disease, can enter the bloodstream. This is linked to plaque build up and inflammation in arteries – cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke. Oral conditions increase the chance of pregnancy complications such a preeclampsia ad pre-term birth. They also contribute to respiratory infections including pneumonia and COPD.

It is all connected to a healthy mouth.

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Me and my friend are travelers from austria and one of us actually needed a root canal, but we were a little bit overwhelmbed by the insurance system in america. So the doctor and his assistent Christy really figured something out for us and really cared about us. We felt really comfortable and after some calls and considering, we made the right decision and got a really good treatment.
| Viktoria P.
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