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Dental implants restore smiles in San Mateo, CA

Tooth human implantThe natural design of your mouth relies on all components working together. Even one missing tooth can compromise functionality, comfort, and attractive appearance. With modern materials, designs, and placement techniques, Dr. Glenn Belen finds that most of his patients in the San Mateo, CA area can be good candidates for dental implants as a long-lasting and versatile solution to missing teeth.

Implant basics

An implant is a small screw made of strong, biocompatible material that is positioned in the jawbone. Over time, the implant integrates into bone, duplicating the form and function of a tooth root. The implant is then topped with a porcelain crown (as a stand-alone restoration), it becomes part of the foundation for a fixed dental bridge, or several implants work together to stabilize a denture.

The procedure

Placement of an implant is a precision-planned and computer-guided oral surgery. The procedure is brief and minimally traumatic.

  • Usually only local numbing is needed to ensure comfortable treatment.
  • The dentist makes a small soft tissue incision and opening in jawbone to place the implant.
  • Depending on the location in the mouth, a few dissolving sutures may be used to close the site.
  • Soft tissues heal quickly.
  • Full healing takes several months. When Dr. Belen is confident, based on PreXion 3D x-rays, that bone has fused with the implant, the restoration is completed.
  • An abutment is inserted into the implant through a tiny opening in gum tissue. This post securely holds a crown. Alternately, a bridge or denture is fitted to multiple implants.

Many benefits of dental Implants in San Mateo, CA

The number one reason patients love dental implant restorations is because they look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. Since an implant becomes part of your body, you brush, floss, and eat normally.

Dental implants also help to preserve facial bone. When a tooth is lost, the body begins to absorb bone cells, eventually giving the face a sunken appearance. Implants provide stimulation that keeps bone dense and strong for more youthful facial contours.

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I am glad to have found a new dentist that I like so much! Dr. Belen does a great job with making you feel comfortable, explains what procedure(s) he is about to do and why, and has all of the latest dental gadgets! I would definitely recommend him to anybody who is looking for a dentist, especially since he seems to really care for his patients and goes the extra mile to make his patients feel as comfortable as possible. I must say, this is my favorite dentist out of the five I have been to in my lifetime.

If I ever move, I’m going to be flying in to see them!

PS: Go early so you can try out the massage chairs! I wish they made me wait longer sometimes.

| Elissa K.
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