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Healthy dental care starts here, in San Mateo, CA

Happy patientWe are so passionate about dental care that it is part of our name! At San Mateo Dental Care, Dr. Glenn Belen and the entire team become your true partners in oral health. We are here to provide guidance and treatment to keep CA mouths healthy and smiles looking great.

Team up for effective dental care in San Mateo, CA

Has it been a while since you’ve seen a dentist? Don’t worry – we won’t give you a lecture; just a thorough cleaning and evaluation to get oral health back on track and keep it there.

  • Our hygienists work gently and efficiently to remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar from mouth surfaces. They are also certified in laser procedures.
  • We utilize leading-edge digital technology for fast, comfortable, low-radiation, high-resolution x-rays.
  • Dr. Belen personally performs examination, vigilant for early signs of problems. He takes time to explain his findings and discuss treatment options.
  • While we offer a broad range of restorative services, our focus is on preventing dental issues to save you discomfort, inconvenience, time in the chair, and money.
  • Preventive options include topical fluoride treatment and dental sealants. These treatments are quick and economical, yet dramatically reduce risk of cavities.

Mouth-healthy home care

One of the greatest benefits of regular checkups at San Mateo Dental Care is knowledge sharing. We take special interest in communication and patient education. Are you brushing and flossing properly? We provide hands-on demonstrations to refresh your technique. Could you use some advice on the right home hygiene tools and products for your oral condition? We are happy to provide guidance, so you don’t waste money on trial and error purchases or use items that may harm your teeth. Are you concerned about maintaining a diet that contributes to healthy teeth and gums? You have come to the right place for dental nutritional counseling. Do you want to learn more about restorative and cosmetic services available? You get the important facts with conventional and computer-guided tools.

You may only need to visit our office for six-month checkups, but we care about your oral health all year long. Call San Mateo Dental Care at (650) 344-7500 to become a patient.

I am glad to have found a new dentist that I like so much! Dr. Belen does a great job with making you feel comfortable, explains what procedure(s) he is about to do and why, and has all of the latest dental gadgets! I would definitely recommend him to anybody who is looking for a dentist, especially since he seems to really care for his patients and goes the extra mile to make his patients feel as comfortable as possible. I must say, this is my favorite dentist out of the five I have been to in my lifetime.

If I ever move, I’m going to be flying in to see them!

PS: Go early so you can try out the massage chairs! I wish they made me wait longer sometimes.

| Elissa K.
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