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San Mateo, CA dentist respects your time with CEREC

Dentist's assisstant operating CEREC Milling machineDr. Glenn Belen takes special interest in functional aesthetics – where dental science and art come together for lovely outcomes that restore oral function. CEREC technology is an excellent example. CEREC restorations look natural, perform beautifully, and the one-visit process is efficient. Dr. Belen believes his patients in the San Mateo, CA area deserve this convenience.

Ceramic restorations

Ceramic inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers, and bridges are an attractive alternative to silver-colored fillings, gold crowns, porcelain fused to metal crowns, and other noticeable metals. Dental restorations made of solid zirconia or ceramic are quite durable. The color blends seamlessly with existing tooth structure, and the material has a light reflecting quality similar to natural enamel.

The CEREC difference

In the past, a ceramic restoration meant several visits to the dentist and living with a “temporary,” while the final piece was fabricated at an off-site dental laboratory.

With advanced CEREC technology, Dr. Belen takes high-resolution, three-dimensional images of your mouth to create digital impressions. Using CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacture) software, the restoration is precisely designed. He selects a small block of ceramic material that matches your tooth color. It is placed into a milling machine that meticulously carves your crown or restoration from the computerized plan, down to the finest detail, while you wait. The restoration is fitted and cemented in place, and you get back to your busy life with a restored smile. The entire procedure for a single restoration generally takes two hours or less.

How CEREC benefits patients in San Mateo, CA

  • Multiple restorations can be completed in one visit.
  • You are only numbed one time.
  • Impressions are comfortable – no sticky impression material.
  • You don’t have to chew carefully on a temporary restoration.
  • CEREC products are high quality, long-lasting restorations.
  • The procedure is minimally invasive.
  • The bonding process conserves natural tooth structure.
  • CEREC is cost-effective and comparable to other techniques.
  • Ceramic restorations are biocompatible.

To the dental world, CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction. To you, it simply means quality and convenience. Call San Mateo Dental Care at (650) 344-7500 to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Belen & his team are incredible! I just had a lot of work done, and I am terrified of the dental chair! They made me feel comfortable, relaxed, and walked me through every step of the surgical procedure. All of the ladies in the office are so sweet and caring. You simply cannot go wrong by choosing Dr. Belen. Thank you, Dr. Belen and team, for everything!

| Tracey L.
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