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Dentist in San Mateo shares benefits of saving your natural teeth with root canal

Benefits of Saving Your Natural Tooth With Root Canal in San Mateo area

Many adults in San Mateo, CA will face a serious tooth infection at some point in their lifetime. In some instances, the patient doesn’t even know about the infection, while in other situations, the patient comes to us in excruciating pain. When a tooth experiences a deep infection, patients are faced with two options: extract the tooth or receive a root canal to remove the nerve. At San Mateo Dental Care, we believe in the benefits of conservative approaches to treatment whenever possible. Root canals are an effective way to save the tooth and eliminate the need for further restoration … Continue reading

San Mateo, CA dentist explains how root canal treatment improves health

Root Canal Treatment in San Mateo CA area

Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures performed in the United States. They are a simple, straightforward procedure that can save the natural tooth and prevent more extensive restorations down the road. At the office of Dr. Glen Belen in San Mateo, CA we recommend root canals when patients are in pain from a deep tooth infection. The inside area of the tooth is called the pulp, a collection of nerves and blood vessels that are vital to the life of the tooth. When there is an infection in the pulp, either due to injury, deep decay, … Continue reading