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PreXion3D Eclipse

The PreXion3D Eclipse Provides Clinicians with the Highest Quality Images for Exceptional Clinical Results



PreXion3D can provide you with the highest quality images for both pre- and post-op assessment. Accurate
evaluation of the implant position and the bone thickness can be quickly & accurately evaluated. DICOM data
can be transferred for use in surgical guide fabrications and accuracy in the placements of dental implants.

The clarity and crisp detail of PreXion’s 3D imaging provides accurate assessment of the position and condition
of the condyle. Measurement tools provide exact distances between the condyle and the bony fossa giving
precise detail in aiding the design and/or positioning of corrective appliance 

Eclipse scans aid in both pre-endo treatments plus evaluation of post re-treatments of endodontic failures.
Information gathered from the cone beam scans can accurately determine if a re-treatment will be successful or if
the tooth requires an extraction.

The combination of 3D and multi-slice cone beam CT images provides a clear understanding of the bony defects
within relation to surrounding anatomy. In addition to helping the dentist plan for treatment options, 3D CBCT
imaging is an excellent tool for educating patients about their own perio issues and bone degeneration resulting
in better treatment acceptance.

Both upper and lower molars are more accurately evaluated for position, number of root canals, and the distance
near the inferior alveolar canal if extractions are planned. Excellent for impacted third molar studies to distal third
roots. Rotational and multi-slice features further enhance the accuracy of evaluations, especially with deep or
curved roots. In addition, the Wide mode feature allows dentists to view the entire distal 3rd molar root.

Maxillary Sinus
The sinus floor is included in a standard scan. Accurate diagnosis and evaluations of the sinus, including the nasal
septum, is an added benefit. This information is also crucial when planning sinus lifts for visualizing depth, volume,
landmarks or septae to consider during the planning phase. Conditions of sinusitis may reveal mucus or thick
buildup in the sinus cavity and can be evaluated in both 3D and MPR images.

Bone Augmentation
Pre-surgical planning is essential for successful bone grafts. Accurate measurements for graft materials,
membranes or surgical meshes can be accomplished prior to actual surgery. An additional benefit is the ability
to accurately gauge the amount of graft material needed resulting in cost savings. Bone density can also be
measured and determined prior to surgery

Root Abscess
The cause of root abscess such as endodontic failure and implants can be accurately evaluated using the high
quality images of the PreXion3D system, and assist in exact treatment planning options.

If you have questions about the PreXion3D Eclipse or would like to obtain more information on this innovative technology, please contact our office.